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via Daily Prompt: Yarn

My dad could tell a good yarn. He would sit at the back of church and tell stories to make people laugh as they arrived for mass. He would also tell stories to the little people to keep them entertained.

To spin a good yarn means that the story is not all that truthful.  A story that entertains but is not necessarily based on fact.  It leaves the listener asking “really?” Like I said my Dad could spin such a good yarn that people did believe what he said. With the added factor of a bit of gossip mixed in. People were not sure what was the truth and what was not.


Short story, wordpress 101

Close Encounter

WordPress challenge 101, Day Fifteen: Your Voice Will Find You

You’re told that an event that’s dear to your heart — an annual fair, festival, or conference — will be cancelled forever (or taken over by an evil organization). Write about it. For your twist, read your piece aloud, multiple times. Hone that voice of yours!



“Well that just isn’t fair!” Daniella exploded, as she moved closer to the stage. The council seemed pleased, that they were out of reach of this seemingly deranged woman.

“It is just a fact of life. my dear. We have to take advantage of every opportunity in these difficult times.”  The matronly woman tried to placate her, but clearly the expression “my dear” had just added fuel to the fire.

Up went Daniella onto the stage, climbing as if she were a twenty year old rather than the forty-three evidenced on her birth certificate.  There was the scraping of chair legs moving back, as the panel sought safety from the assailant.

Daniella made a beeline for Mr Bridges. Leader of the council. He was a bloated individual in his seventies, and he looked clearly shaken by her arrival in front of his nose.


“This is an absolute outrage” Daniella continued. “The scouts have had access to this village hall for the last fifty years. Who are you to say, out of the blue, that they can no longer use it?”

She was within touching distance of his nose, as she leaned forward hands on hips. He could feel her breath.


He pushed his hands on the arms of his chair and stood up, which forced Daniella to move slightly back.

“I know this sounds harsh, but we really have no other option. In order to make money for the council the Village Hall is to be rented out to the stage school for the next six months.  It will be in use day and evening and will bring in important revenue.”  He was towering above her as he looked down.

“Now, if you would just mind leaving the stage”. He sighed patiently and gestured to the left. “I am sure there are other’s in the audience with questions to ask”.  Moving to one side he addressed the public below.

Daniella wheeled on the man. She grabbed him by his lapels and kneed him hard in the groin.  He crumpled to the floor quickly, in obvious agony.

There was a gasp. Then a roar and then the room seemed to move forward as one body towards the stage. Some went to grasp Daniella, others made a beeline for Mr Bridges as he lay moaning on the floor.


Her friend managed to get to Daniella first and pulled her roughly to one side.  “What on earth possessed you to do that?!  He will now prosecute you for assault I’m sure”. She shook her head incredulously. “ The scouts will just have to find another place to do their club nights.”

She stopped her ramblings and then looked closely at her friend. Daniella was limp and pale and trembling. Not the usual response you would expect, after kicking the leader of the council in the balls!.

“What’s wrong?  Did something else happen up there that we didn’t see?”

“It was him.” Daniella’s words, barely audible, escaped from her dry lips. “It was him.”

“Who, …..what ……? For goodness sake Danny, what on earth are you talking about?”

Daniella spoke slowly and deliberately staring out into space.  “At the back of the gym, when I was nine.” She breathed hard.  “He put his hands down my knickers and then told me not to tell anyone or else my mum would die.”  She paused.

“ I remembered that same stale smell of sweat, that I’ve been trying to forget for years.”


Short story, wordpress 101

Caught in the act

Writing 101, Day Twelve: (Virtual) Dark Clouds on the Horizon

Today, write a post with roots in a real-world conversation. For a twist, include foreshadowing.



“You mean she actually caught them, in the act?”

“Yep, right there under the sheets on their bed. She’d only changed them that morning”. The woman added.

“What on earth did she do” The first woman asked incredulously

“What could she do, she lost it completely.  She was screaming, shouting. She really threw a wobbly”. The dark haired woman was now gleeful in her story.

The listening blond woman gazed open-eyed at her friend. “Did she do anything to the woman?”

“Apparently she managed to pull the sheet off, leaving her totally naked in the bed. Then she threw the water from a flower vase all over her”,

“What was he doing at the time?” enquired blondie.

“He had leapt out of bed and was trying to stop his wife doing anything else.”

The question hung in the air for a while “Was he still naked too?”

“Oh yes, and he received the bunch of roses right where it hurts!”

They were both giggling conspiratorially now.  But aware their conversation might have been overheard, they looked up.


“Is there something I can help you with ladies?  If not, please get on with your work.”

Their boss moved quickly passed them. He of course had heard every word.


As he moved away their laughter burst forth behind him.

Trying to retain some semblance of dignity, he could do nothing but to continue to walk gingerly away.