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I have just read on WordPress about a woman who has “conquered” her addiction to alcohol. (Barb Knowles, sane teachers)  I hear about others who have conquered their fears to go up mountains, fly, even go to the dentist.  But conquer is a verb, a doing word now word.  What am I currently trying to conquer?

I am trying to do better at work. To win more opportunities to make more money with the time I have to spend at work.  I am having to conquer my fears of what people might feel when I appear on their doorstep and ask them for an interview. I am having to deal with rejection on a daily basis and try not to take it personally. To conquer this fact of life of a market researcher is taking me longer than anticipated.

To conquer means to win in my head not just defeat someone or something, I am trying to win at dancing. To learn the moves and apply them to the music without making a fool of myself. To win at singing being part of a new choir. To conquer my anxiety and let my voice soar. To be part of a whole that sounds much better than single voices.

I continue to conquer each day.


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