door 1


In my new life I visit a lot of front doors.  I admire the design and the glass and of course the state. Some are pristine, cleaned within an inch of their lives.


door 3

Others sadly are neglected showing evidence of age and lack of care. Funnily enough these are the most interesting of entrances.

Who lives behind such a dishevelled door?  Is there anyone behind?  Or am I standing outside a deserted house?  Sometimes I am shocked when the door actually opens and there is actually someone there. Someone alive and able and willing to let me in.

You can sometimes get an idea that someone is behind a door. You hear the click of an inside door, the dog barking or jumping, a scuffling of feet across the floor. You wait. Sometimes the door opens, sometimes not.  Sometimes I ring again. Knowing that someone is there. Sometimes I get the hint that they know I am there, but do not want to open the door. It is their door.  Muffled talking confirms they exist.  Sometimes I knock again just for devilment.

Then there are the children who respond to the door.  “, there is someone at the door”.  I sometimes meet them playing outside their door and they enable me to get in.  I am very friendly and pleasant to children.

door 2There are various types of bell. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to press. Often they don’t work and I resort to knocking on the wood or plastic.  My knuckles may show evidence on a long-term basis.  I love the ones with old fashioned front door knockers that your rap. Some have extraordinary gothic designs.



Personally I really like the ones with ancient bell pulls that still work.  You hear a happy tinkling noise in the distance that announces your arrival.  Much better than the modern musical tune that plays out.

Sometimes a porch is useful, especially in the rain, but often these are inhabited by various insects caught on cobwebs. They can be overgrown and creepy.

Some have roses around the door, others hanging baskets dripping on my jacket. Often I am tired after many steps up.  Breathless as I await the door to open and my next adventure to ensue.

I love doors. They are an opportunity, an exploration. A new beginning, an opening on which to move forward.  They are the first impression that can tell a lot about the inhabitants inside.


NB Pictures from the internet not any of the doors I have visited.




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