To hug or not to hug?

I am not sure I got many hugs as I was growing up.  I think I may give hugs now in order to make contact with people in a really honest open way.  Generally in my experience people feel better after a hug.

I like hugs and many people I know like hugs too.  They are a gesture of companionship, empathy, and love.

I have been advised recently to curb my urge to hug  “….as people might not like it”.  I like to pride myself on knowing the people I can and cannot hug.  My hugs are well meant.  I have been told I give true honest hugs, good hugs. I am actually sad for the people who cannot hug or receive one in good faith.  I have hugged people because they are happy, I have hugged people because they are sad.

We British people do have this reputation for being a little standoffish.  I say do more hugging!. Let yourself feel the emotions of the other person.  Share a hug, give a hug.  They do not cost anything and I believe can be very healing.

Not sure if there is a ‘Hugging day’ ,  but maybe there should be.  It is like the saying about smiling. If you don’t see one – give them one of yours. I support anyone out there giving spontaneous hugs to people they think might need one.  There is nothing wrong with a hug.

So I am sorry to those who are misjudging my hugs.  Hugging is part of being. I like who I am.  I will continue to hug, it is an expression of my personality. If you don’t want one just say…….. but you never know what you might be missing out on.  Cheers to the huggers of the universe – hug on.


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