Weight gain and loss, and gain and loss, and a gain and loss………………………

Here I am in June 2014 going through the process, yet again, of losing weight!  I have done it so many times in my life I am tired of it, so tired of it. You think I would have got it by now, the healthy eating and exercising thing. I am a health professional for goodness sake. But alas, apparently I still have things to learn.


I have used lots of companies over the years. Yes, I have become very anti weight loss companies.  I think they prey on vulnerable people and they never really have the skills or techniques to help them to stop this cycle. If they worked, more than the current 1 in 10, who goes on a weight loss programme, would keep it off.  Most put it back and more.   But do these companies stop their business? Hell no! They carry on taking the money, from mainly women, week in week out.  I now call it exploitation.  If your group leader is overweight think very hard – if their particular programme worked they would be slim.


My current company will remain nameless for the time being, as I am still using them.  I have used this particular company a lot in recent years. This is my third really big weight loss with them. I did a couple of what they would call “re-adjustments” in between, but they have me completely hooked as I know on their programme I do lose weight.  I am supposed to have learned by their counselling and CBT approach not to put it back on, but of course I have.  Their excuse always, that the client will keep it off, if she follows the advice.  Mmmm, but we need to get at the personal individual reason why we don’t.


So here it is, the killer question. Why do I put it back on again?  I can lose it, I am really good at losing it. I focus, I change my eating habits for the period of the diet and off comes the weight.

I can unfortunately put it on too, as I think ‘why can’t I have that’ like everyone else.  I don’t ever feel full, so now need a different kind of assistance to find a cut- off point.  I have tried smaller plates etc, but then feel deprived.  I think my particular issue is around the idea of someone else caring.

“No one cares about me, so why should I care about myself”.  I am completely a rebellious child for those who have done this kind of work.  I know they would reply “you have to care for yourself first”.  I do, but that has meant me rewarding myself with a disallowed goodie.  No none food item has rewarded me in quite the same way.


I acknowledge I have a bit of a self- esteem problem, from issues that happened in my childhood. I am aware of them and work with them to survive the big wide world as an adult.  So you would think that I would just accept that eating and eating will not make that aspect of my life any better. In fact it just makes it worse.  Mmmm    Still don’t think I am quite there yet.  Still have work to do.


We are not helped of course by the society in which we find ourselves in 2014.  I find it tragic that half the world is starving whilst the other half is obese.  That is so completely wrong.

I am totally against all these companies in the west pushing rubbish food and drink at us in advertisements all the time. Television is  complicit in this overeating encouragement. The money a company pays to advertise a sugary foodstuff is offensive.

“Everything has too much sugar in it” a recent health programme wails to combat the tide.  But apparently we do not like food that is not sweet, so sales drop if they take out the sugar.  Even a lot of foods that we view as savoury, have loads and loads of sugar in them to make them taste good.  I feel we are just being manipulated.


So, we are being victimised by the “weight loss” companies and being persecuted by the “food” companies.  So we are caught in the middle and they are all after our money.  So why are we not raging against them?  Do you know? I really don’t know, but we could if we really wanted.  Thousands of people suddenly stopping going to fast food restaurants would make an enormous impact.

Sadly that impact would be the loss of jobs in massive industries. These industries that we have supported and made possible by us buying crap food from them. These companies that are such a major part of our economy.  It is not in the business interest for us to stop eating.  I really am not sure what can be done in the short term. But surely moving to better, healthy foods has to be the future.


But we do have to look at this problem on an individual basis. Why does someone when they reach 100KG(16st 220lbs),  too big for most people, not stop?  Do they just not notice they are getting bigger, or do they choose to ignore it. There are people who eat and eat and can’t get out of their house because they get so big. Someone else must be bringing food in to feed them.  They then become complicit in the crime.  The feeders.   The large people who make cakes for everyone else to make themselves feel not too bad about eating cake.  But really as an individual you do have a choice, you don’t have to eat it.

There are people who are so big or disabled by their weight that they need electric scooters to move around. Surely it would be better if they walked to burn some calories. Surely the scooter is only going to make their situation worse.

I write as a temporarily disabled person who knows just what it feels like to be unable to walk very far,  But surely these aids, if you do not alter your food habits, make it worse.

Oh, just worked it out. This is yet another industry out to abuse and exploit a vulnerable population for money.  Selling or hiring scooters yey!

And the cosmetic weight loss surgery industry- well just don’t get me started.  This is in my opinion yet another industry, preying on vulnerable distraught individuals.   What the long term effects of gastric bands etc has yet to be evaluated. The jury is still out.  Many people after the surgery still try and overeat. It does not change their psychological attitude to food.


I also suspect that we have just got used to us being bigger. It is acceptable in the western hemisphere to be overweight. Clothes chains have altered their size range to fit the overweight person. This is right as big people do need clothes, but we have to notice about ourselves. Being overweight is not good for us.  This is too small a blog to go into all the health effects.  I believe no regular person should weigh more than 100Kg, really and that is still obese for most. When I reached that on the scale a few months ago, it scared me witless into the current programme I am on.


There are no medical issues that predispose to fatness. There is a condition called Lymphoedema where you lay fat down more in the bottom half of your body.  But even this responds to weight loss programmes. Hypothyroidism can be corrected by medication and then weight loss programmes do work.   Other medication can lead to increased appetite, hormones can apparently upset this too. But at the end of the day it is us who choose what we put in our mouths.


So, where are we at the end of this diatribe.  I have taken a great deal of thought as to whether or not to publish, as it is almost bound to hurt some people’s feelings.


But this is a personal record of my own journey to try and maintain a healthy weight. My thoughts, my experiences and my insights gathered over many, many years.  You never know, someone might be inspired to take their own journey of weight loss.

You cannot really blame anyone else for the body you have. It is you who chooses what and how much you put in your mouth.  We have become more sedentary as a people, therefore we need less food to fuel our activities. Probably a lot less than we want to eat.  We just have to get this. I have to get this.


I am sure……to be continued…..


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