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Letter of life

Writing 101 Daily challenge, Day Fourteen: To Whom It May Concern

Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What jumps out at you? Start there, and try a twist: write in the form of a letter.



Dear Mr WordPress

I am writing in response to your request to pick up the nearest book, flip to page twenty nine and react to what jumped out. The line that leaped out at me was “The aim of life is self-development”.

It is my experience that this kind of phrase is voiced at times of, or following, extraordinary personal crisis. Whatever is happening to you, it is important to take a moment to take stock and see how this changes your future.  After a period of adjustment many extraordinary and influential individuals have come to the same opinion.  What point is life unless you take it by the shoulders and give it a good shake. There is no point on dwelling about things in the past, there is so much of life in the future to discover and learn about.

Life can be extremely short, but sometimes those short lives can have a major  impact on other people’s lives in the wider world.  I am not talking about celebrities in this regard, I am talking about normal people in the world. For example: the young girl with an incurable disease, raising awareness for research even though it will have little impact on her prognosis. But during the process she meets celebrities and goes on trips and to places that she could only dream of before. She is totally living her life to the full.

Then there is the doctor who is dying of cancer. She finds it very important to share her experiences of care and as a consequence has had a great impact on how care staff introduce themselves. At the same time she finds herself speaking at conferences and on radio and TV. These are things that again, she would never have dreamed of having the opportunity to do, but she is grabbing by both hands and living her life.

Soldiers, who return from war without limbs and who have initially had extreme difficulty coming to terms with the loss. But then they learn to use their new artificial limbs and find that they can have a different life now. Then they find themselves on trips with British royalty doing treks in wild places.  Even with their own limbs they had never anticipated doing such extraordinary things. Their adversity has led them to another life.


Life is for learning and living. We develop as people as a consequence of what life throws at us. Let us not let life defeat us. Let life make us grow.


I am not sure if this was the letter you were expecting. I am very interested to read what the other life learners have sent in response.


With kind regards


Helen Young



The picture of Dorian Gray. p29 of The complete Works of Oscar Wilde Magpie Books 1993



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