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It is only recently that I have been receiving and giving comments on blog posts.  As a person who has commented on others posts, especially via wordpress101 daily challenge.  I believe I have tried to be constructive, but to offer an opinion that makes the writer think then next time they write.  I have learned a great deal from reading other’s work in this blogesphere.  It has affected me so much I have created this new blog space to write about other things rather than just midwifery.

As a person now receiving comments, well there is something else. I of course like all the nice comments, the favourites and the shares. But when someone has something detrimental to say, the hackles rise and it gets to you.  Recently a fellow writer took great umbrige at a comment about the overuse of one word.  She actually said I was a Troll.   Still very new to the genre but get that a toll is not a great thing to be.   But I have thought about this now. If you don’t want to receive comments on your writing, don’t blog on the world wide web.

You don’t have to accept comments.  You even have the right to moderate the comment so it cannot be seen. But all comments are good comments. They make you think, move on and develop.  I swear I am open to receive.






2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Crazy says:

    I must say I enjoyed you blog on the rug in front the fire. I could visualize the scene and the games in the street.

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